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Virtual Reality Managment ....

Virtual Reality is a powerful medium that allows brands to engage with audiences like never before. Our VR consultancy services can guide you through the complexities of that medium and help you or your brand to strategically leverage Virtual, and Mixed Reality to gain a competitive edge.

Yet this is an entirely new medium and crafting compelling experiences that chime with your message is a complex challenge that requires a combination of many unique skills as well as an overall clear strategy and in-depth awareness of the technical and creative aspects of VR.

Whether you’re looking to create mixed reality application, our VR consultancy services offer end-to-end strategic solutions that bring together the best cutting-edge industry talent to deliver VR/MR projects – ] through to production and promotion – ensuring delivery that both fits into and supercharges your brand objectives.

With over 20+ VR games  and 2 different System platforms we have everything you need to get you the ultimate experience, wether its for at home or for commercial experience. come see us today to get your build going!

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Need that Ultimate VR Experience - No worries! We Got You Covered!

Pit Stop Games can help to meet your specific needs,  Just tell us your requirements and we can assist you. We have a perfect location for you to try out different products! Choose Pit Stop Games to build your next premium PC and let us show you how it's truly done!

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Questions that keep you awake at night:

What is the difference between, Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality?

How will VR and Mixed reality affect your industry?

What are the disruptive threats and opportunities for your organization?

What strategy, innovation, and business model best practices can be leveraged as we create VR solutions?

What new organizational capabilities do you need to drive virtual reality strategy?

What strategic partnerships or acquisitions should we pursue?

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How It Works...

You can book online or come visit us in store. When deciding on the type of PC build you want, there are a few things to keep in mind. we recommend trying the different stations we have in person so we can put together the ultimate VR experience for you to enjoy.

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Speak to one of our Pit Stop Coaches, on what your looking for and what your budget is, Following consultation a Pit Stop Coach will guide you to a station, Where you will receive a tutorial on the controls and functions of  the equipment.

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